Arts Award Voice


Elena Losavio | August 10, 2016

☆☆☆☆ 4/5 STARS

Young artistic collective from Lecoq enchants the audience animating a charming, delicate two-dimensional village on stage.

With a mix of dance and physical theatre, the Krumple recreates an alternative world contraposed to the frenetic atmosphere at Edinburgh Fringe. As the story of the little inhabitants of the village unfolds, the set harmonically changes. Little tree silhouettes, paper seagulls and wooden houses decor the stage and move, embracing new tales.

What initially starts as the story of few puppets is then animated and brought to life by the actors. In this narrative emerge a mixture of joy and sorrow, hope and despair. Emotions are easily readable on the face of the actors. They have an extraordinary ability of expressing themselves and creating new worlds with gestures and dance. Words appear completely unnecessary in a world like theirs.

When they dance they seem animated by external forces, pushed down on the ground or lifted up like a flying leaf. Laughs and smiles are not excluded by this world. Their silliness gradually wins the audience, who learn step by step to understand their world and their language code. We left intrigued, fascinated and enchanted by the talent of this young artistic collective.