Vågen VGS

  • Vågen VGS 23 Holbergs gate Sandnes, Rogaland, 4306 Norway

Go to Sleep, Goddamnit!

Using full masks, bold physicality and not a single spoken word, The Krumple Theatre Company tells the story of a small provincial church, which finds itself devoid of church-goers. The disillusioned priest battles with himself, God and his pillows as he falls deeper and deeper into an existential crisis. Three nuns unwittingly unleash the power of the internet, and with it their own ambitions and desires. To make matters worse, dinosaurs have appeared on Noah’s Ark and someone is plotting to burn down the church. Ranging from grotesquely comic to poignant, “Go to Sleep, Goddamnit!” explores the question: “What does one do when one's purpose has become obsolete?”

A part of The Cultural Backpack tour in Rogaland. Please contact us if you wish to attend the performance.  Performances at 10:15 and 12:15.

This performance has passed.

December 2
Showbox 2014